heart day.

that was saturday 5, keoshi and mine anniversary. 

we celebrated by eating a whole lot of sushi and watching series in bed – that’s how we like to celebrate things! 

we did have other plans in mind, but had to be postponed ’till next weekend. and I’m *SO* excited for that!

today we had lunch with the family and drove around (due to the rain) to take a look at the carnival in the streets. I’m not a fan of carnival, it was never my thing. But I do remember I enjoyed dressing up as a princess… or was it a fairy? I remember I had a wand… hum… well the dress was pink and I had a pointy pink hat with big shiny stars and – good gawd I was a fairy!! All this time I thought I dressed as a princess! never thought about it much though. ¬_¬

ANYWAY! I remember I enjoyed dressing up the cute pink dress, point the wand at stuff and pretend they magically turned into something else, but I never understood why I could only put the dress on for a couple of days, that was always a bummer. I didn’t even care about going out and see what everyone else had on. I just wanted to be at home and pretend I could do magic with my wand! but then the wand had to be put away, because the carnival days were over…. Until I found where the wand was being kept. Then I didn’t even care about having the dress on, I would just spend the days, after school, magically turning things into something else – yes, I spent a crazy amount of time home alone. good ol’days.

now carnival is just… meh.

see what I mean?

gimme back my wand dammit! 

anywayzz, thanks to the carnival craziness I’m on holidays so no work for me for the whole week – i’ve got plans to do a lot of things, though.