ever since this photo back in may, that I decided to do those for real…

People told  me it would take a while because I had to get an appointment and such. So I went to the shop asked when could I come in and they told me “can you come at 5pm?” and there I was. 

Pretty quick and clean job. 

About the infinite symbol, well…it’s really an eight. 

When I went to school, I was younger than I should be, and I couldn’t manage to do the eights properly — if you ever studied psychology you know that there’s a valid reason kids start school at 6 — so I always did my eights laying down…much like the infinite symbol. 

My aunt was the one who taught how to do the eights, using a very simple but effective technique: I had to puncture with a needle a paper with the number eight (there was a sponge sheet underneath), and I’d do that over and over again… until I got the motion of it right — then I got it! (I’m sure the technique was a bit more intricate but that’s how I remember it) 

The heart has always been a part of me… I’ve got quite a few drawings hanging around where you can see my signature with a heart in it. It’s just something I relate to ever since I was a kid… too much shoujo manga! 

the whole thing together represents something I truly and honestly believe in: infinite love. 

I probably won’t be around these next few days because I’ll be in Madrid, but expect photos on my other tumblr, and maybe a word or two around here — I won’t be taking my computer but we’ll take the ipad, so maybe I’ll have the time. 

I love the little tats and I’m quite happy with them.  

okay, now I need to pack.