what did I tell you about rain? *sigh* 

at least it’s still warm outside, so we won’t have to go back to heavy layers… I kept running around all day doing errands and buying what I needed to buy…unfortunately the shoes I wanted weren’t available anywhere, which is a total drag — those sandals were sexy and comfortable to wear and that’s a rare finding. damn it. 

in the afternoon it started pouring and it hasn’t stopped since — stormy weather and all, which is great because I’ve always loved thunderstorms!true story!

After finishing my errands I sat at starbucks eating and drinking and reading waiting for keoshi to get out of work…I’m almost done with Craig Ferguson’s book… 

and when we got home we ordered sushi and had dinner while watching another episode of the amazing race and the apprentice. 

Tomorrow I’ll be getting down and dirty with CSS and HTML as I already went through the basics — I love it! — so I’ll be wrapping myself around that so I can get my website done on my own. 

leather bracelet I bought today at H&M, and I also bought a little dream catcher necklace.

In the meantime I’ll be dreaming about Madrid!