Well, hello! I know, I know, been completely out of it… but it’s actually been quite fun to be away from all this, busy as well, and I’ve been having a lot of work but… it’s been fun. 

Basically I’ve got a shit load of photos to edit and upload… but I also have meetings to prepare, meetings to attend, meetings to preside and a whole lot of papers to sign. So yeah. busy, busy, busy. 

BUT. I have also been out and about in the streets of Lisbon by night, had margaritas with an upside down car hanging above my head, filmed a dance show in the middle of nowhere, been on a limo, and dove in the best pool of the entire country, at zmar. See? fun. 

pictures later on. 

Now I wanted to tell you about my latest “must-have list”. Tees. T-shirts. Everybody loves tees and I sure as hell am one of those people. 

These are my latest buys: 

offered by keoshi. 


and these are my future buys! 

mario vintage. 

mario bros.

classically trained.

body by NES.


star wars.


What goes perfectly with great jeans? geeky tees. yup.