a book.

Learning is one of my favorite things to do. I have a natural curiosity about things and instead of resigning myself to what I know I usually end up finding about new things that I wanna know more of.

4/365 – this book is all about a learning process, and it’s absolutely great. I have yet to see the movie.

And there are so many things I wanna learn about! Since I still have free time I’m coming up with a schedule and subjects I wanna learn more of. Like Quantum Mechanics and work around the Shrodinger’s cat experiment; Photography! I so want to know more about photography… so I’d probably start with Optics (that is one of my areas of expertise and work from there); definitely get my Japanese going (ever since I stopped watching anime and live-action series, I got a little rusty…); also… CSS and HTML, Social Psychology and Cognitive Psychology; Graphic Design… woah. ok, I’ll stop now. 

Basically I’m trying to build up my own “at-home-school”. But the thing is… all this idea is actually a learning process as well. I’ll be studying by myself focusing on what I want to learn… will that make me excel on the subjects I chose? Will I get frustrated by the freedom I’m not really imposing on myself? Will I miss the limits that usually schools have on students? Will I miss being tested? If I had had this freedom of choice throughout my academic path, would it make a difference on what I do today? 

Oh goodness… I’m rambling so much. Too much things in my mind right now…which is awesome! 

Good night, people.