guacamole and pizza.

Today keoshi and I went to this delicious mexican restaurant called guacamole. Delish. I loved it.

Other than that… <rant> I went to the library and noticed that people tend to come to me and start talking when I’m actually trying to get some work done. It’s not that it bothers me. I don’t like studying. Never have, never will — I love learning, and that’s a process that takes time, specially when you’re learning something that you’re not that interested in. That’s why I take my time in the library, and I like to do that in peace and quiet…that only a library can provide inside a school. I don’t understand why people come and talk about the weather…and stuff, when I clearly want to keep my ears stuffed with my earphones and my eyes on the books. </rant>

keoshi‘s camera is back and it’s working properly! and we tested a new lighting gear.

testing a new lighting gear.