papers and more.

more, much more papers.

I’ve been reading a whole lot of these… on education and the quality of our education. I haven’t yet read anything that I find surprising, or even new. I’m not used to this happening when I read scientific papers… then I noticed something. All this talk about the system in the last 10 to 20 years, I know it all. why? I’ve been there. I was in the system. And of course all these amazing (and I am not being ironic) investigators are much older than me, so they haven’t been through it, they can only talk, read and write about it.
and I noticed I have a clear advantage right there. I can bring something new to the system.

And that makes me very happy.

game night
i’m a fan of football(soccer), and it was game night.

my tongue reaches my nose, a-ha!
my tongue reaches my nose, a-ha!

trail of a plane
trail of a plane in the sky.

my cat
my cat climbing to the open window.