the greens.

More often than not, keoshi and myself head to this great place for lunch: it’s a vegetarian restaurant that isn’t really a restaurant. It’s ran by a group belonging to the Hare Krishna Movement, and for 7€ you can get unlimited helpings of what’s on the menu for the day — so it’s like a canteen. You can’t really choose what you may eat, they serve it to you as soon as you sit on the chair. 

The experience is very different than most restaurants because, not only you can’t choose from a menu, but the environment is calming and joyous, with mantras chants in the background and the traditional garments you get to appreciate on the people who give you the food, ever so charmingly and happily.

I could get into the whole shabang of how they purify the meal before their god, or how you eat on stainless steal plates so the energy is isolated, and how foods have different types of emotions — I personally find all this absolutely amazing! —…but that’s not what I want to talk about today. 

I’m not that picky when it comes to food and if it comes a time when I can’t choose what I’m about to eat, I usually eat whatever it is that I don’t like. Confusing? Well, let’s say I hate spinach. If I’m served a plate in this type of restaurant that has spinach I *will* try my very best to eat it. 

But why would I go to a vegetarian place, where I’m much more likely to get spinach, if it bothers me so much? Then I wouldn’t go. Right?

When I eat at the Hare Krishna canteen I see people leaving behind a simple thing as a salad… and usually, it’s not just one! Several! in the same table! And I see this every day.

If you’re in a vegetarian place, you’re bound to get the greens, people! I just find it a tiny wee bit disrespectful… 

There have been a few times when I refused a dessert because it had coconut in it. But I’ve eaten desserts with coconut in it until tears filled up my eyes! and it’s dessert! 

I think people should try a little more… 

oookay. I just needed to rant for a little bit about that…I’m sorry. It bothered me. 

and I’m now off to bed.

oh and I’m missing my bangs.