cold fog.

Yesterday I went out with keoshi and some of our friends and it was awesome… hence why there wasn’t a post yesterday morning, I slept through most of the day (it was a holiday around here!).
Since we got a few days off, we came back to the little city. The trip was tiring and cold and foggy…
I don’t like cold. I don’t look good in the cold. But I like snow, that I like. Bring in the snow, leave out the cold, yeah?

I’ve got a load of essays due on the first two weeks of January. I’ve decided to write them now, before the holidays, so I won’t have to worry about school work… I’m quite psyched about the idea, and I want to start tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, then I’ll start saturday… or sunday… damnit. I knew it wouldn’t last!
I know me too well.
But I *must* will do it tomorrow!