photos and steaks.

Two days without hearing from me! But I ain’t going anywhere.
On saturday the entire day (almost) was spent in bed, cooking lunch, cooking a galette, watching dexter and drinking tea… We then switched from tea to beer. Me, keoshi and the in-laws went to an art exhibition where keoshi’s brother had one of his awesome photos — he’s a photographer and you should all visit his site.
I’ve got quite a few photos of the exhibition that will come up in just a couple of hours.
After the exhibition we went out and only came back home at 3 am-ish…and watched dexter again (I know, right? it’s like a drug addiction).

Sunday we slept ’till veeeery late and went out for lunch with all the family. We ate steak and fries and drank beer, since that’s what a good lazy sunday calls for…and we had pastéis de belém for dessert.
After that I came back to my other crib for an essay investigation on the University here. I’ll be soooo busy these days…

 gotta give it a name.

the galette.

tiles in Lisbon.

everything’s better with an egg.

christmas tree at the restaurant.

this has got to be one of my favorite streets in all of Lisbon.

Jerónimos Monastery.

Fruit Cake at Pastéis de Belém.