I hate waking up with a hammer beating up my skull and a stuffed nose… urgh… on top of that I had to work and read all day yesterday. I had to come up with a script for an interview that I’ll be doing today and really, really don’t feel like going out and asking questions. I could not be a journalist.

I am nor fairly enjoying my presents. I were told my micro SIM card for the iphone would be arriving today at my doorstep, but unless my dog ate the mailman and all his packages, I didn’t see any damn card, which pisses me off… And I did cut my old SIM card into a micro SIM. I was all proud of my custom necklace, it was beautiful !… My handy work died on me. Which is comprehensible because that card is almost as old as I am. Okay I’m exaggerating. But it’s certainly old.
So now I only need my card back and a case, which is revealing to be a very difficult task… but it’ll all work out.

Now onto work.

the best present inside of the best present

origami set and Image Color

necklace and vietnam