I haven’t got many new things to tell, in fact I have none. This is the downside of having a personal blog…sometimes you just lay low and work and have nothing new to tell! and precisely why I’m making myself do this, because I know I’ll look back one day and read this and think “those were awesome times!”… yeah.

Other than work, I watched the newest Ranma 1/2 Live Action! Completely lame, full of lame effects and a lame panda, meaning: Completely AWESOME, and full of AWESOMENESS. Yup. Yes I’m a freak/nerd/whatever, I know, pfff… Does it look like I give a fµ©k? I love that! love, love, love, love, love it!
Have I ever mentioned I’m Akane because of the main female character on Ranma 1/2 ? Yeah, that’s how much I love that series (and for all of you who think I go by a japanese name because my boyfriend also does, you got it all wrong. You see, I was Akane way, way, waaaaayyy before keoshi was even born).

Aside from that. I learned there’s gonna be a Rurouni Kenshin Live Action and that one looks pretty pretty good, even by everyone else’s standards (everyone else being non-manga/anime fans).

and also i watched this:

and it completely freaked me out. Go ahead and tape all your webcams, people.

and for someone who didn’t have much to say, I wrote a whole lot.
Have a nice weekend everybody!