a whole seven days.


Seven days without a word here. Unbelievable. Life’s been busy. Having a puppy at home is quite the handful and I needed time to adjust, to come up with new routines and merge life-before-akira and life-after-akira. Luckily it’s been real smooth and fun. Now I just have to get back to taking a photo a day and upload it. Easy.

Glad to be back.

This one has a story. I wrote this on 2nd grade, in class. My teacher back then sent it to me a couple of years ago, because she was so amazed at how a six year old could come up with all that. My mum’s response “you read too much and you watched too many of those weird cartoons… that amazingly you still watch!”. When I got that over the mail, I read it out loud and I got all choked up. It amazed me how a six year old could come up with all that. I guess I really was a book worm and an anime freak. Very much like nowadays.
It’s in Portuguese of course, and I just think translating it would make it lose a bit of it’s magic, so I’m just letting it stay like that. It says:
O Outono

O Outono é uma estação do ano.
Os dias são curtos e dourados.
A luz de Outono pinta tudo como um painel de ouro. Abrem os primeiros ouriços dos castanheiros e os frutos caem. Ouve-se o sussurro do vento e o sol avermelha as nuvens. As folhas ficam mais douradas e cor de cobre e caem lentamente em movimentos suaves e tristes.