a year ago.

Yesterday when I got my email from timehop (you know timehop? It’s awesome, you should check it out) I got a little bit nostalgic. It had been a year since I had gotten my tattoos…
Done completely on a whim and voilá, a year later here we are… I am very very happy I did it, because everyday I look at it and love it a little bit more. I’m extremely proud of it and its meaning.

Very proud. And I should be getting another one as soon as possible… We’ll see!


Everybody loves my tattoos! But…haters are gonna hate. And they even like to talk about it… Oh dear…

Now that a year as gone by and I get older (and allow me, wiser), my level of bullshit tolerance gets lower and lower. So if you wanna say something just say it to my face, don’t be a little bitch about it. ‘kay?
I just pretend to forget, you see…

Having said that…


Out for a walk!


Veggie pasta marinara, from chili’s.


Akira sleeping on the couch.


Pasta carbonara by le chef keoshi. It was light and so delicious!


and this one was parked outside the other night.

Have a nice Friday!