alive and kickin’

I’m aliiiiiiive! Sheesh thought I was gone eh?
Well… I’ve been terribly terribly busy, and this is not even an excuse it’s blatantly true. I’ve been running around and I have had no time for the web, I’m not even posting on my tumblr as usual… The master course now seems to live up to it’s name this spring semester, since I’ve been reading entire textbooks for class review on a weekly basis… Only a master can do it the right way, trust me… And even though I’ve successfully gone through lesson number 1 (wax on wax off), 2 and 3, I feel like I’m still on lesson number 4 (paint the fence). So yeah. Pretty soon I’ll be ready for the tournament. And maybe one day I’ll catch a fly with my chopsticks. Who knows!

The only place I’ve been active is instagram. It’s just easy. I’ve actually been thinking of continuing my 365days on instagram, because I’ve barely had my camera in my hands these last couple of weeks. Also the MagSafe on my Mac decided to burn itself up out of nowhere. I got home one day and it looked like this:


It sucked. Now I’ve got a new one and that’s that… I noticed I’ve got a shit load of photos to upload, and this is not surprising but it surprise me that there were more than I initially thought. I have to work on that.

For now I’m leaving a few more instagoods… hopefully I’ll become a better blogger someday. Soon.