more pasta for dinner.

Yesterday I managed to do a crazy amount of stuff considering I had gone to bed way past 5 am. I worked on my essay and finished, I went on a long walk with keoshi and akira, I did my yoga, I updated my tumblr (that wasn’t updated in forever…!), I made dinner and I was in bed before 1am! Aawwwsome! Trouble is… I skipped a three hour class – I had to keep an eye on akira in case he got sick again!
All in all it was a good day. Pictures ahead and dinner recipe!


The weather has been kinda unstable lately… And there’s akira playing with his ball. Apparently that was just a stomach thing…or a reaction to the shot. He’s perfectly fine now.



Mid-afternoon snack, green tea and cereal with yogurt and a selfie before the walk.


First things first, so get yourself something to drink and get started! Get some prosciutto in a pan until it’s crispy, and get it out. Get some water boiling and throw in the pasta.


Get some cream in a pan, add salt and pepper and some herbs and heat it up. Throw some (fresh) mushrooms in the pan where once you had the prosciutto and heat it up as well.


Once the cream is hot enough, throw in some cheese, I chose mozzarella. Cut the prosciutto roughly.


Once the cheeses have melted, get the mushrooms and the cream and cheese sauce in the same pan as the pasta and toss and turn until it gets nice and moist, and under low heat.
Serve warm and add the crispy prosciutto on top of the pasta (and of course I had to eff up the most important photo, the finished meal, because lighting was crappy and I was in a hurry to start eating).