viva the square.

Last June me and keoshi went to the neighboring country, Spain to visit a city we had been to more than once before but never had the chance to actually walk around in… Salamanca.

Beautiful city I must say. The golden city is all around packed with the most amazing buildings that stand out due to its architectural characteristcs… Romanesque, Gothic… and a few others that I don’t really remember the name of but engulfed me in a jaw-dropping awe every time I took a look. Salamanca is very multicultural mainly due to the ever lasting presence of students attending the most important university in all of Spain, the University of Salamanca. You notice a lot of youngsters chilling around, sitting on the floor and having the occasional fast food lunch… That’s the beauty of this city. Its relaxing atmosphere… Every night (and day too) we sat at a table in Plaza Mayor, enjoying something refreshing to drink, something good to eat or just to look at the views and rest. I loved that square.

I can’t believe that was nearly a year ago.

scenery from the bridge.

architectural goods.


front view.

waiting for lunch.

sweets… roscas.

architectural goods.

taking a pic.

the cathedral by night. On one of our night walks through the city we accidentally found a concert being held in a beautiful location, we could see the cathedral perfectly…and we watched the concert!

Plaza Mayor… it was incredibly hot outside. That’s the only downside of Salamanca… but it makes you wanna drink cold beer and have delicious snacks! I guess that’s a plus.

This sounded weird. Gazpacho with strawberry ice-cream. But it was incredibly delicious.

cheese and ham croquettes and chicken on a stick.

shrimp salad and berries with mango ice-cream.

Ah… how I miss plaza mayor. There are more photos on my flickr, take a look if you feel like it.

Have a nice weekend!

*note* I used to link all the photos posted here to my flickr photos, but it’s just time consuming and useless, so no linked photos, but feel free to visit flickr for more!