self portraits.

I haven’t had any time to take new pictures with my camera, so I was digging through old stuff on my flickr and I found my amazing self portraits collection… I have so many selfies due to the 365days project that it’s almost scary. But I quite like some of them. It’s always a wonderful journey to find a way to show a perspective of myself.

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I once again, failed to complete another 365days. I let too many days go by, and now it’s just useless to go back and upload what I’m missing or start uploading now. And now I don’t even have the energy to start a new one, so that will have to wait… Maybe I’ll start a new one with instagram — it wouldn’t be so time consuming and it would be certainly easier to keep up with. We’ll see.

Meanwhile I’ve been putting up furniture and picking up household appliances… It’s been busy and tiring but fun and fulfilling!

have a nice evening!