Frenchies playdate.

Yesterday started out with a little rain. I didn’t expect that! We’re in the middle of June! And I didn’t want rain because I arranged a play date for Akira with his soon to be girlfriend Kelly. It just happens that Kelly’s owner has a little cafe, where one can have a few beers and eat delicious snacks. Perfect arrangement.

Luckily it stopped raining and the sun came up. We ended up going to meet Kelly and have a few beers and watch the dogs go at it with each other… Thing is, Kelly is 6 months older than akira and of course much heavier and bigger than him… He was totally dominated. Which was fun to watch!

We got home and roasted a chicken, fried a few homegrown potatoes and had a nice salad made… Very nice meal.

I haven’t gone on tumblr forever. I miss that… I miss hunting for new photos… And I miss taking photos with my camera… Ah well….

Aaaaaaaand it’s friday!