barely alive.

It’s nearly 6 am and it’s already light out. I’m beaten up but very happy. I’m using the schedule option because I’ll sleep as much as I possibly can…

Around here we also have our coachella! It’s called Alive and features great music names worldwide (does that make
sense? meh!).
Today I jumped to the sound of various things for almost 7 hours straight. I didn’t stop! Hence why my feet are kinda hurt… I heard LMFAO! Ah man, what a laugh! I had a terrific time hearing that dude (one of them – the shorter one – was out sick)! I only knew one song and that was it, but it was still great!

And I heard JUSTICE! Yes! I was riiiiight there up front! It was very cool. Even though the concert wasn’t very surprising it was still very very good and I really enjoyed myself.

Now I really need to sleep because it will all start in just a few hours.

Have a nice Saturday!