reminiscing rome.

To all of you who asked if I was better, thank you, I am. I managed to go through without setting foot in a doctor’s office or a hospital. I am still not 100%…as I noticed today when I decided it was time to get back to the workouts and do some cardio. Don’t do cardio when you still have the stuffed nose feeling… that was bad. I could barely breathe. Oh well…

I’m leaving you with a batch more of photos from the first day in Rome.

Bridge Vittorio Emanuele II.

Vatican city, Saint Peter’s square.

Saint Peter’s Square obelisk and hanging clothes.

Heart cut out and keoshi.

Borgo Angelico.

Castel Sant’Angelo.

Statues and a little tiny altar in a tiny tunnel street.


I love this scenery…

End of the day in Trastevere.

Have a nice Wednesday.