back to the city.

Aaaaand I’m back to the city.
The stay at the beach was a little shorter than expected but still very enjoyable and fun. There are still plenty of days off so there is more fun on the way luckily. I predict a very busy and hard year ahead of me so I am determined to enjoy the summer break to the best of my ability wherever I am, whatever I’m going to be doing.

Before I indulge in another Path-is-so-cool rampage I must let you all know that I am not associated with Path in any way. No one has payed me to say good things about it. I just really like it and I think it’s under appreciated, and it really shouldn’t be… What can I say, I always liked the underdogs. So anyway, there’s something relatively new about Path that I really like and wanted to share: it lets you write thoughts on the book you are currently reading, or have read, or intend to read. And not just books but also movies and music.

This is great if you wanna keep track of the stuff you read, watch and listen to! And I always wanted something like that. I’ve tried quite a few websites (namely but they are all a bit tedious and I felt the need of something more immediate. So path is a great alternative and it allows me to go back and see when I started reading something or what I read. Very cool.

More photos of Rome are on the way. I have edited quite a few more and they’re ready to post. The best thing about editing pics is that one can reminisce about those times… Even though I was in Rome just a month ago I miss it and I miss those wonderful days. And I miss pistachio ice cream.

Yesterday I came across (once again) with Erin Wasson – whom I love because of her spread about tattoos – and the cut-out skull tee from Zadig et Voltaire and I thought about doing those very simple skull cut outs on an old t-shirt that is already packed with skulls on the front, and voilà, turned out great!

I may do a few more, who knows…

Have a nice thursday! 20120809-095904.jpg20120809-095920.jpg20120809-095947.jpg20120809-100002.jpg20120809-100018.jpg20120809-100032.jpg20120809-100103.jpg20120809-100123.jpg




(pssst – note that the first two photos were taken directly with path)