Hello august.

And that’s it! It’s August already.
I should be editing a few more photos from Rome today… Hopefully.
Yesterday night while out with akira we met another dog, off the leash. It was a puppy as well, but he went crazy and bit akira quite a few times. Akira has a very tough skin, so there was no harm on his back, but he was bitten in his belly as well, where his skin is much much more sensitive… When we got home we saw he had a nasty scratch in his belly. He’s okay though, it wasn’t anything serious but still it was pretty scary… I don’t get why people have their dos off the leash when they know they can be aggressive… Bah.

He had a terrible night of sleep, I could hear him mumbling in his sleep, and I couldn’t sleep at all. We have now gone on the usual morning 40 minutes walk and apparently he’s back to sleep. And I should be too in no time.

On a happier note I’ll be going back to the hometown tomorrow to pack things up as we’ll be leaving Friday for the beach. Oh yes.

Also on another note, on the past few months I’ve been completely addicted to instagram and completely forgot about Path. But one of my best friends has got a new iPhone and I was so psyched about it and told her to get Path from the app store because it was such a cool app! Then I remembered I wasn’t really using it… But I am now! It’s better for much more private stuff and you are able to interact with just a few limited people or even make your posts completely private.
What I love more about path is that one can post something (a photo, words, location, music) to either twitter, Facebook, foursquare and tumblr, all at the same time or none at all! So it’s definitely a way to get back to foursquare and twitter, for me… Love it.

Have a nice day!