rome day 4.

thank you all for the feedback about the new layout! it makes me very happy!

what doesn’t make me very happy is the fact that I am in pain right now. As I previously mentioned, one of my wisdom teeth started to act up and today I had both teeth from the right side pulled out. It didn’t hurt a bit while I was laying in the chair, with the dentist rummaging around my mouth… but now it hurts. Bad. I’ve gone back to what it was before when it was acting up: I cannot talk or eat. Lovely.

On more happier thoughts… Here are the very little amount of photos from day 4 in Rome.

I have almost no photos because the x100 ran out of battery. And the backup battery also was empty so no photos for me. The ones I have I took with my iphone and you take a look at them here.

And since you are here read about our day! I am really in no shape to be writing right now. I’m sorry.

enjoy the few photos I got!

Have a nice tuesday!