the last day in Rome.

The last day in Rome we walked around a lot trying to avoid the usual routes and eating great food. We stopped for a cappuccino and a fast snack by mid-morning and then entered a few churches. Most churches are crazy beautiful in Rome… really. The frescoes on the ceilings are absolutely jaw dropping… and yes they take it rather serious what you are wearing. You can not show off your shoulders or your legs above the knees… I usually wore tops and shorts, so I just had two large light scarves, that I would put around my waist making a long skirt and another around my shoulders, like a shawl. This is completely idiotic, but it’s their rules and I could choose not to go in, but I didn’t, so I must abide by the rules. Simple as that.

We sat for lunch for a nice carpaccio and a wonderful risotto (I’m missing italian food this very moment) and then walked around a bit more and headed to the hotel, for a bit of rest.

We then ended our day in front of the pantheon, at a really nice place where the servers were nice and hilarious…and thought we were spanish! When we told them we were portuguese they instantly liked us a bit more — it was probably due to their loss to spain, for the european football championship, I’m assuming.

All in all it was the perfect ending to a very nice trip. I will be posting more photos of Rome in the days to come, because it’s ridiculous to post such an enormous batch of photos all at once… I still have quite a few left.

Have a nice thursday!