the last of Rome!

Well, certainly it won’t be the last of Rome, but it will definitely be the last batch of Rome in a long time. I liked Rome and it’s a place that I most certainly recommend everybody to visit at least once before you die (after might be a bit difficult, you know, the smell and all).

It’s got plenty to see, many monuments and homages to very important moments in the history of this rotten world, even more churches, delicious food and nice people. It’s a very alive city despite its old looks. If you dwell inside of its narrow streets you will have a feel of what the romans are really like. Get lost in the city and run away from the tourist crowded places. That’s the best advice I can give you. Sure see the Trevi fountain (throw the coin, yes) the colosseum,  the pope (don’t forget to take a telescope) and the many other attractions… but don’t forget to see the Rome of the Romans. That’s where its true beauty relies.

Here’s a list of some very nice places I ate at:

Da Bafetto

Pascucci Frullati




(the list will probably get bigger because I tend to forget the names of the restaurants… If/when I remember more, I’ll just come back here and update)

And that’s it for Rome.

Have a nice tuesday!