And yet again.

I’m trying to do another 365days. Yet again. With self portraits. You can start betting on which day I’m gonna fail. My money is on the 127th day!

This time though I’m going to keep it up with my iPhone (or will I?) and post it on instagram. There are quite a few people who try to keep up a project365 (you can search the tag), but honestly there isn’t anything that pops up or catches my eye. Truth be told, I have been a away from instagram, even though I post photos daily… I just don’t go through my feed so often nor do I check new people out… But that’s life. I can’t really do much about it.

So let’s do this!…and see how it goes.

Have a nice Tuesday!

(I included a photo of akira sleeping under the covers, just so to prove he does sleep literally under the covers)