I can smell the winter.

We are now officially back to winter time. The sun is starting to disappear earlier in the evening and I hate that.

I’m not a morning person. Even though I’m feeling that as I grow older I’m getting up earlier in the mornings and be more productive. Back in college I used to go to bed way past 2 am get up feeling very sleepy, have a rough morning and then have a nice productive afternoon and evening and be extremely productive by night.

Work and akira changed all that. Now akira sleeps longer than me. Yes. This dog can sleep for 14 hours. Specially as its getting colder! He just likes to crawl to our bed and sleep under the covers. And he *will* sleep.

The fact that I like to make breakfast every morning also contributes to the fact that I’m making a better use of my mornings… Which is a good thing.

I just don’t like what’s coming. Winter. Winter is coming.