Let me go back.

Ever since I came back on Sunday afternoon I haven’t stopped. Except yesterday night when watching Looper. Awesome movie with a great storyline. Really cool.

So I’m going to summarize what we did in Berlin on the last couple of days and then I’ll get a little more into it when I post the pictures… There are just too many to post at once.

Still on Thursday, after the Sony center we walked to the jews memorial, visited the museum and then headed to Brandenburg to see the light show and after that we headed again for delicious ramen – and this is all in today’s photos. That ramen was delicious.

On friday we hit Alexanderplatz and found out a small gathering celebrating the Oktoberfest so we joined in the fun and drank beer and had sausages and laughed at everything else. Then it started raining so we got back home and rested for a bit, before we headed to Monsieur Vuong where we had a delicious and very fun dinner with the very lovely and sweet dearclaudia.

On Saturday we walked around the Reichstag and the tiegarten and climbed the Siegessäule. The view from up there is absolutely fantastic. We then walked a little more around the tiergarten until we reached home. For dinner we had a total mish-mash of gastronomy. The original curry wurst that was on our street, burritos from Dolores and a kebab. And everything was so freaking delicious.

It was indeed with a heavy heart that I left Berlin. I am still recovering I’m afraid… That city makes my head spin and my heart beat faster. I kid you not. I was actually analyzing it from a completely neutral perspective (nerd much?) and I reached to the conclusion that yes it’s a great city but what more does it have against, lets say Paris, or Venice or Amsterdam or Dublin? I really cannot say that it is a much better place to visit than any other of those places in what concerns monuments or historical background… Am I making a terrible mistake here? no matter, because for me, Berlin is The Best. The way it makes me feel it is quite inexplicable…

I just wanna go back.