Temperatures are rising.

Yup! Can you believe it? It’s warmer and sunny outside! I knew summer couldn’t abandon us yet!

I managed to go to the hospital. It was not something I want to repeat soon. As it started to dawn on me where I was my body was heavier and I had to move slowly. It was hard to be standing there and look at the same stuff and have feelings of helplessness I had roughly two years ago… Unfortunately I will probably have to go back.

On other news, akira is better but it wasn’t any fungal infections, which means it’s indeed allergies, as I feared. But he has know gone off the medication and he seems a lot better. Could it have been the damned bed? It sucks because now I don’t really know what to do. My initial idea of making him a bed went down the drain, because what if I make the bed and he’s allergic to it? Bah… So now he’s sleeping on our bed every night. He’s 13 kg (around 29 lbs) and that is no joke. I need to find a solution to this. He has yet to go to the vet again for another check up with the dermatologist…oh well…

Thank you to all those who asked about akira and worried! I appreciate it and am very thankful!

On some other news, I got myself new shoes! Yay me! And I was featured on visual supply blog as a weekly choice for Instagram photos that use the vscocam app. Thank you very much, guys! And to all other photographers featured, you’re awesome!

Have a nice Wednesday!