a trip to the past.

I hope you’re not getting sick of Berlin because I am definitely not finished with my captures, but I am posting different photos this time.

Life has been a little hectic and to top that I got sick over the weekend and am still recovering. I will be sharing today a little collection of photos I took over the summer when me and keoshi went out for brunch at a little german cafe and then headed to Sintra for sweets. The cafe is called kaffeehaus and its menu is very german, with the sausages and the mashed potatoes and the sauces and, of course, the beer. We sat outside and I remember it was terribly hot out, Akira had to sit underneath our seats for some shadow and actually managed to stay still for the entire time (almost). The girl serving us was incredibly nice and gave him a water bowl and of course loads of petting for the little beggar.

We actually had different plans for that afternoon but it was way too hot to be out, specially with Akira — even though he behaved like a champ and managed the heat very well in Sevilla, where it was a constant temperature of 117º F (47º ish C) day and night — so we headed to Sintra for a walk and for the famous queijadas and travesseiros.

It was a wonderful day. Now I miss summer.