berlin, another batch.

Ahh…! Chaotic busy days! I can’t wait to be over with the first part of my dissertation. I’m procrastinating more and more and with work and chores around the house it’s getting harder everyday. Hopefully it will all be over in a few weeks… to only start all over again.  But this is the worst part for me: write. It’s all theory and more theory and writing and more writing. I like to do stuff and get my hands dirty and my brain working… doing this just feels like a huge waste of time. Meh. Whatever. It has to be done.

So here are a couple more photos from Berlin — this is starting to get really boring, eh? I’m truly sorry. Hopefully I’ll be done with it before the new year!



IMG_1700-150 IMG_1699-149 IMG_1697-148 IMG_1696-147 IMG_1694-146 IMG_1693-145 IMG_1692-144  IMG_1689-141 IMG_1686-139 IMG_1684-137 IMG_1683-136  IMG_1680-133 IMG_1678-132 IMG_1673-129 IMG_1672-128 IMG_1671-127 IMG_1669-126