hello, December.

And it’s December. That’s it. The last month of this year. Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s absolutely unbelievable…

Last thursday, on a whim, we went out for burgers. But not the regular burgers. The gourmet kind of burgers! So we headed to Honorato. It’s very in right now, they say. Excellent food, they say. I don’t say anything because I stood at the entrance for 5 minutes and no one said a word.

We eventually caught up with a server and asked how long would we have to wait for a table and she replied “I don’t know”. So we left. We went to Hamburgueria do Bairro. We waited for 5 minutes and sat and ate the best burger of the hood. And it was indeed very very good.

Definitely a place to visit again.



It’s been a full weekend. Packed with movies and board games.

Some of you might have noticed that I have stopped my latest 365days project. A bit early, right? Yeah… Well, something struck me.

Last week I didn’t feel well and I honestly didn’t want to take pictures of myself. I started thinking back to my first self portraits project and I figured that it was a completely different time of my life… Right now, I don’t need or want to be “forced” to take a picture of myself everyday…because instead of making me feel creative and good about it, it’s the other way around. So it’s not worth it.

I am thinking about different projects I can take on, because I like feeling challenged, but until I come up with a good one, I’m gonna stay put and do what I usually do.

I’m not even sad or upset about it as I used to when I quit the previous attempts at the projects… I really feel it’s the right thing to do right now.

And that’s that.

Have a nice Monday!