let’s be done with Berlin photos.

Did you have a nice christmas? I sure hope so!

I am hoping I will finish uploading all my photos from Berlin! It’s about time to start posting new stuff — that is actually old stuff now, because so much time has passed!

anyway… here’s to Berlin!



IMG_1831-80 IMG_1830-79 IMG_1828-78 IMG_1827-77 IMG_1821-76 IMG_1815-75 IMG_1813-74 IMG_1810-73  IMG_1804-71 IMG_1803-70


From here on all photos were taken with the fuji x100.

DSCF1677-82 DSCF1678-83 DSCF1679-84 DSCF1683-85 DSCF1684-86 DSCF1685-87 DSCF1689-88 DSCF1691-89 DSCF1693-90 DSCF1695-91 DSCF1696-92 DSCF1699-93


And that’s it folks!

I hoped you liked this photographic journey as much as I did. I hope to go back to berlin soon and for a longer period of time. But before that a lot will have to come before.

Have fun!