I am already warm and relaxed in Montogomery, Vermont. But Monday was such an awesome and adventurous day for me.

I took the train from Newark to Penn Station New York. When I walked out I could feel it. I don’t think I can describe te feeling but…it was New York.

Packed with people, yellow cabs and the tallest buildings I had ever seen in my life. I was in New York.

I didn’t have much time because the sun would be setting around 5 pm, so my main goal was to see Times Square and Central Park…and maybe get to Abraço and see the Brooklyn Bridge. The last two didn’t happen. Mainly because Abraço closed at 4 pm and I kept wandering around every side street marveling at the buildings and I completely lost track of time… It was wonderful though.

So I get to Times Square and I am looking around amazed at how everything looks like I’m in some kind of movie and staring at the Wicked musical poster when I hear it “Will you marry me?”! I turn around and there it was… A guy standing on one knee with a tiny box in his hands showing its contents to a very excited and happy young woman, who obviously said yes. Everybody clapped and cheered and I felt so… American! That may sound weird but that was exactly how I felt. And it was very cool and exciting.

After broadway I jut walked around until I got to Central Park, that was covered in snow and people were playing around in the snow, and jogging or just out and about with their dogs… I felt so at peace there. I sat and stared at everything before me. A huge white park filled with happy folks and huge skyscrapers in the background… Just perfect.

New York City was most definitely different from what I’m used to back in Europe am probably won’t have that much to see, like any other European city but it has character, it’s unique and I loved it. Will go back soon, promise.

And there will be more photos to come from NYC!

Have a nice Tuesday!