the wrap up.

My week has been absolutely insane, but over lunch time I find a bit of time to wonder around my feed rss reader, reeder (which I am in absolute love, by the way — yes, I know I have already said that, several times) and I always find some interesting stuff. Well if in 1000 news there weren’t at least a few interesting that would be weird…

So anyway, why not start a new category?! (I must be insane.) I was very much inspired by One Life One Chance moments of the week — but this is great, don’t expect anything extraordinarily great from me on this subject.

The wrap up would be literally a wrap up of my week around the web and places I was in or something like that…I haven’t exactly figured it all out. But basically a summary of my week! Wouldn’t that be fun? Yes, well…it can not be anything too extensive because I simply do not have the time but yeah… we’ll see (how long will I be able to keep this up, hum? place your bets!).

So here’s… the wrap up.

1. web finds

downtownfrombehind — it’s a photographic series project that captures people riding their bikes from behind in the streets of New York City. Very fun, original and even though I would have liked to see random people riding their bikes, these are chosen subjects, like designers, architects, entrepreneurs, academics, etc. Very cool.

tartelette — delicious recipes with awesome photos.

2. something to eat

After mid-term break I was pumped (even though still a bit jet lagged) and ready to go to school early in the morning on monday. I wanted to have a great breakfast so I fried a bit of prosciutto (on sunday night), threw a few bits onto an little cup, a bit of fresh cream, two eggs (uncooked) and chives, salt and pepper. I cooked it in the oven for 10~12 minutes et voilá. Freaking delicious. In a big glass (of water) I put granola, greek natural yogurt, a bit of vanilla, red berries on top and there you go, your daily serving of nuts and seeds with delicious fruit. All that with a piece of whole wheat bread and bits of different cheeses and, of course, a cup of coffee. Delish.

sorry for the crappy photo, but there’s no light out when I have my breakfasts now, so it’s hard to take good photos.

3. to watch

Food, Inc. — This very enlightening documentary by Robert Kenner is an outstanding piece of investigative journalism about the food we eat everyday, focusing specially on the American food industry and its consumers. The fact that you can literally die if you eat certain types of food is thoroughly addressed  and there’s no sugar coating to make you feel a little better. We are eating crap and we should all know that.

I showed this in class and the kids were astonished. And I was too, again. I had forgotten how bad we eat. And to help matters I heard on the radio today, while I was driving to work, that the vast majority of the meat sellers (butchers and so on) in Lisbon are selling minced meat infested with such pretty things like salmonella and things of the sort. WTeff, man?! I am seriously considering to stop eating  meat… unless my dad knows the names of its original owners.

4. geekiness

Remember the milk app — for the iPhone. I had to get a nice task manager app and I guess this is the most obvious…for a very good reason. It works and it does what it’s supposed to do.

5. places to go

Guilty — Yesterday me and Keoshi went out for a nice meal at guilty. Good food, though overpriced, and a nice vibe all around…until the music gets too loud and you have to shout to talk with the person in front of you. Still, it’s a nice place.


And that’s all for the week, folks!

Enjoy the rest of your friday!