the wrap up no.2

Let’s say welcome to March with the second wrap up!

1. people to look up to

Ronda Rousey — I am a big MMA (mixed martial arts) fan and my heart gave a few flip-flops when last weekend I saw this lady and her opponent and challenger, Liz Carmouche, fight inside the octagon upholding the main event of the evening. This is history, people. This only goes to show that women have the same power as men on any sport. It’s important that the world understands that. And she’s also very cute!

2. places to go

Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon — I don’t usually like loud music while I’m having dinner but this was a tremendously fun dinner me and Keoshi had on Wednesday. We ordered way too much food to begin with and ended up completely stuffed but we had a blast and the food was absolutely scrumptious! I had a crème brûlée for desert that was to die for, and unfortunately I didn’t take a picture…I was too full to even remember…and a very strong mojito and a huge beer didn’t help the cause. It’s definitely a great place to have some fun while eating great food.

3. geekiness

Sun (web app) — this weather web app is minimalistic, pretty and does the job. Just how I like it.

4. web finds 

windows of new york — absolutely fabulous! Illustrated portraits of New York Windows.

5. eye candy

Follow Me To project — this instagram project by Murad Osmann is fantastic. Even though the style of the photography is not my favorite, the project is very cool.

Casa Agudela — beautifully designed house in (my very pretty) Portugal.


Have a nice friday!