the wrap up no. 5

I can’t believe the week is over! And 2nd term is also over! I now have a week off from school so I can relax and unwind for a while.

Also spring is coming slowly but surely, so that means more sunny days and longer more productive days, for sure! and more photo taking…! and more photo processing! let’s hope.

So here are the tiny places I found out around building up the week’s wrap up:

1. web finds

s.m.a.l.l. — the small blog. Very cute and creative project! And you can also help by sending a postcard of your city and illustrate it wit whatever you want and send it so you’re helping too!

all the buildings in New York — awesome illustration project culminating in a book (that I *must* get my hands on).


2. places to go

Sítio da Lezíria — another gem made in Portugal. Amazing place.


3. eye candy

Iceland in Winter — video of Iceland. I want to go to Iceland so baaad.

Laura Augustí — beautiful and very original drawings.

Manjari Sharma — simple photography but truly lovely. My favourite series is the shower one.


4. something to eat 

kale+slivered brussels sprouts soba noodles — because it’s spring and I always start eating much lighter when the weather starts to get warmer. Yummy.


5. inspiration for the house

mackapär — I love this. So much to get inspired by.


Have a nice friday!