Umai for Lovers.

Last week on Tuesday, keoshi and me celebrated our 10th anniversary together. Sometimes it seems crazy how everything turned out this way…
We went through so much shit it’s incredible…but we went through so so so many amazing things too.

It’s almost unbelievable how it was that ten years have already passed by. It seems like yesterday… So wonderful. I’m hoping I can say this in ten years time. That will be absolutely beautiful.

So to celebrate our special day, as I mentioned before, we went to Umai. This is a very nice Asian restaurant where you can find yourself enjoying the food, enjoying the surroundings and enjoying the staff. So it’s a win-win situation everywhere you look at it.

We started of with a small bottle of sake and went on from there. We tried various things from ramen to curry, to scallops and sashimi… I honestly don’t remember their names, so I’ll just leave you with the pics. And take my word for it: everything was scrumptious.

After Umai we bought champagne and drank while walking around until we sat looking at the beautiful Lisbon.
It was a very special night.

Enjoy the rest of your day!