up the mountains.

A week ago I arrived to Munich already expecting a day spent surrounded by beautiful tall and majestic mountains, but nothing could prepare me for its true beauty.

On Saturday morning we picked up our car (a big ass very freaking nice car) bought some really delicious sandwiches for the drive and off we went, until we were surrounded by mountains and snow.

Destination: the castle that inspired Disney, the Neuschwanstein Castle of King Ludwig.

When we spotted the castle by the side of the mountains, I thought “hey it’s not as big as I thought”, oh boy I was so wrong.

When we got to Hohenschwangau village we parked the car, bought the tickets and started walking up the mountain to the castle. We could have also waited in line for a bus or a horse chariot, but honestly it’s a fun walk and you get to stop and have hot chocolate and a brezel – a must.

The castle is absolutely incredible and I got a neck ache just from staring at the towers so much. We waited for our guided tour (€12 per person) and off we went. One can’t take photos inside the castle, they specifically warn you about that quite a few times, but people still took pictures…and I find that I little disrespectful. But anyway…!

I don’t think I could ever describe the castle in a way that would make you understand what it really is…when I think about it, I find only a few adjectives for it: intricate, unique, eccentric and Beautiful (the uppercase B is purposely positioned there).

That king who lived only for a few weeks inside his own castle knew what he was doing and knew exactly what he wanted. And that’s even more beautiful.

You can try to google or search around on flickr (flickr should already be a verb by now too) if you can find photos from inside the castle but I strongly recommend that you go there. It’s a life experience.

Not only the castle itself is amazing, but the surroundings, its location its involvement with nature is absolutely fantastic and mesmerizing.

After the castle we went up the crazy mountain trails just to be able to go to Marienbrucke. The path was cut off, but we *ahem* went around it. Everything fr a good picture right? Well, it was so so worth it. It was amazing.

We then went down got the car and drove around a bit for more mountains and tiny pretty and nature-loving German villages.

When we got back to Munich we went to the most ancient humongous and loud Bavarian restaurant. Everyone was drinking big steins and singing and talking and having loads of fun. We at down ordered our own steins and food and enjoyed a lovely (even if a bit loud) German evening.

It was most definitely a very well spent Saturday.