the wrap up no.3

Oh I am truly sorry I didn’t make it yesterday for the weekly wrap up. Thursday and Friday were absolutely chaotic. Barely had time to do sit down and relax, and when I did, I fell asleep instantly.

This was a wonderful week indeed. On Tuesday me and Keoshi had a very special day as it was ours 10th anniversary together, so we headed off for a nice evening by ourselves, which turned out to be wonderful, tasty and funny. But I will talk about that in a different post. This is all about the wrap up, so let’s start!

1. web finds

convoy — this is not exactly a recent web find, I’ve been following convoy for quite some time, but everytime I am amazed by the collection of images he comes up with. Follow on tumblr.

Good Gifts — buy a gift for someone that really needs it. This is a wonderful wonderful website. Visit and buy something!

2. eye candy

training day — a short video about running.

sal curioso — a very peculiar a beautiful restaurant’s identity.

snowy Vermont on mute life * — enjoy the very precious and beautiful photos from our trip to Vermont by keoshi.


3. inspiration for the house

La maison d’Anna G. — all about scandinavian design.

Milo and Mitzy — so much inspiration and great findings!


4. places to go

Umai — beautiful place in Lisbon, with great service and absolutely decadent and scrumptious asian inspired food. Not cheap, but worth it.


5. made in the house

From the USA to a portuguese protest — Nina Tupper visited portugal for the first time only to find herself immersed in a protest against the economical crisis. It’s a wonderful insight from someone who is not familiar with the situation and the spirit that we have now in our country. I am very proud of the video, not only because of the message it gets across but because the two people who made it are friends and family, so check it out.


Have the most wonderful saturday!