the wrap up no.8

1. around the web

little boy and his big dog — photographic project portraying a 4 year old kid with his big cute dog. ALways love these kind of projects.

world’s best father — you’ll smile at this one.

tokyo zoo project — run for the zoo!


2. things to read

living with less. a lot less. – wonderful article, read and be inspired to change.

Iron Lady — Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher.


3. geeky stuff

omm writer — I’ve been using Omm writer for quite a few years now. Basically it will make you focus on what you need to write while keeping your mind calm and relaxed. Try it, you won’t regret it.

 zombies, run — Another running app. I’ve been using this one for a few months already and I like it a whole lot. Basically you have to run away from zombies and if you like zombies (or dislike them!) and you like running, this is definitely the app for you (this one is definitely deserving of a good extended review).

run keeper — staying on the running subject… I really like this app a whole lot. It’s simple, it keeps you on track, it has training plans, and you can opt for an invoice warning that lets you know how far have you gone and for how long, every 5 minutes. It’s also pretty to look at.


4. eye candy

the silence of dogs in cars — a project by Martin Usborne.


5. inspiration for the house

best of indoor plants (via) — because we all need a little green in our lives.