one more thing.

I’ve got essays and worksheets to mark, two tests to make from scratch and three practical experiments to prepare…but I’ve been sitting reading this, unstoppably. I always admire people who face cancer and, somehow, still have enough strength left to teach something about the whole process to the world.

Teaching Cancer to Cry.

This guy is absolutely amazing. Effortlessly honest. No sugar coating. It’s cancer, it’s fucked up and there’s no way around it… and that’s why I think everybody should at least take a look at it.

Everybody feels the same about this subject, I guess. And (most probably) I’m being a teeny tiny oversensitive these days. It’s been like that for the past three years (already, three years…) around May, June and July. I find myself thinking back to those days, all the time…It’s good that I’m so busy these days. Hours spent in the hospital, hoping for something to change for the better. When just a squeeze of her hands on mine were a winning happy moment…

Nothing changed for the better, but I have grown to know that…that’s life.

And that’s what this guy is all about. And that’s why I wanted to share it.

Have a happy friday.