the wrap up no.11

Life has been chaotic and busy and chaotic…and busy.

I have spent the last two weeks in a frantic search for a dress — I will be having a wedding/baptism this Saturday — and a pair of shoes. I finally found the right dress in a tiny store, but haven’t found my shoes yet and yes, I’m aware the wedding is in 3 days.

Also, the WordPress iPhone app decided to rain on my parade by deleting my last post, announcing the winner of the CEREAL mag giveaway, out of the blue…With all the madness going on I didn’t even notice it until the other day — incidentally the same day I sent the magazine to the winner, who will be receiving it shortly — the winner was Carmen (comment number 17).

It has been really really busy around here lately. I have been pilling up on laundry and housekeeping and I haven’t even had time to go on the usual daily run… but there was still time to go on a few nice adventures to the beach, watching football with friends and brunches with keoshi and the planning of a big trip for the summer has also been keeping me (us) busy.

and that’s life.

so here’s last week’s wrap up — could be worse, I could be posting this on Thursday!


1. something on the web

pregnant husband — you’ll laugh.

2. something to eat

grilled cheese Sandwich with Fig Butter  (via) — I desperately want to try this.

3. something for the eyes

travelogue hong kong (via) — beautiful pictures.

4. something for you

10 mindful minutes— on meditation.

5. something geeky

headspace app — in line with the previous link.


I will  be back very soon with pictures from the nice things that have been going on!

have a nice day!