Hello Sunday, hello autumn!

Hello everyone! Looks like I’m still alive! But barely. I’ve been working my ass off this whole entire time that I haven’t been blogging. It did occur to me one or two times while I was out walking Akira that maybe I should put the blog on a hiatus, because I’m way too busy with work, and it’s just hard to find a moment of peace and quiet and write something or even take pictures… But I wanna go on. And I also don’t want to feel obliged to write something everyday or so… So you’ll just have to bear with me.
This is bound to be a very busy school year, and a very busy term on top of that.
I teach 30 hours every week and I’ve got to mark work, prepare classes and so on… It’s been busy but very fun. I wouldn’t trade it for something a little more relaxed.

And since now you know what I’ve been doing these past days, here’s what happened this weekend, through photos!







– we went to get dinner from The Fifties, which is an American type of restaurant here in Lisbon; the burgers are quite nice, and the milkshakes too;

– on Saturday we went to Fabulas for a nice and long (very very long due to a slow service) lunch out;

– and we’ve lazed around and slept through the Saturday… Which is always nice.

I cannot wait for the mid term break…! Only a (busy) week to go…!

Have fun y’all!