Alas, a weekend.

Weekend!! Which means I am able to sit and write a post! Yaaaay.

So I don’t have I to say that it’s been busy and chaotic, right? Right. But to add to all the craziness I got sick.

When you’re surrounded with kids these things tend to happen. When I see them coughing and sneezing left and right, I always ask if they’re sick. If the answer is yes, my immediate reply is “stay away from me”… But they don’t really listen. So I eventually get sick as well, of course.

Just to give you an inside’s perspective, on Thursday I went to bed at 7 pm and only got up at 6 am, thinking I could sleep so so so much more. So yes, brilliant.

And now that it’s Saturday, here’s a pic that pretty much sums my day.


Have a nice weekend!