Survive the game.

I’m a Survivor fan.

(Warning: rant ahead. Just scroll down to the pics if you don’t feel like reading.)

I think it’s probably one of the best reality shows there is, with a need for a very good social game, but you also need to play strategically, physically and mentally, all the while fighting the four elements and hunger. It’s a great game to watch.
And I often compare it to real life, in a general sense.

This last season, that incidentally ended just yesterday, Tony, a cop from Jersey, took home the big W. He played a really good game… by survivor’s terms: lying and cheating and breaking promises, even swearing on his loved ones lives AND graves, only to lie his ass off just a few seconds later.

Funny thing is: the most loyal and honest player, Woo, was the one who made the decision to take Tony to the finale. He could have chosen otherwise, but he didn’t. Because he was loyal to Tony, and he felt the guy deserved to be at the finale and have a chance to win a million dollars.

Now here’s my point in the story: I’d play the game exactly like Woo. And I would lose it entirely to the guy who swore on his father’s grave and life of his children…

Life is exactly like this, unfortunately. Idiotic people, mean people will strive, and they will not mind knocking whatever it is on their way to get to the goal. Every so often one will wonder “that person did so many bad things in life, and will still be at the finish line with the golden cup”…

Makes me think about wrong and right! Does that even exist?! Or are there just very different paths and different opinions? Could be…

But I still think that playing the game with honesty, loyalty and integrity will keep you at peace with yourself. And that’s what is worth everything else.

I’m sorry for this rant. I just wanted to get it out of my chest.

Here are some pics from the aquarium in Valencia.

Have a great Friday!