2015, here we go!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and I wish you all a very very happy 2015!

Reviewing 2014, it was in simple terms, quite awesome! Personally, it was a lot of work but also very compensating; I shed a few tears, but I smiled even more.
Travel wise, it was full of little big trips here and there, I visited astounding Dubai, we had a very fun road trip through Spain, went to Japan a second time – this was definitely one of the highlights of the year -, then a trip to Ireland to visit friends and a getaway weekend in Paris to finish off the year.

Of course I can’t forget the biggest trip of them all: by November I found out I was nearly two months pregnant!…which was the other highlight of the year. We didn’t plan on being pregnant now, it was something I only envisioned in years to come, but when we found out, it was like being shoved into life’s biggest and most wonderful roller-coaster, and we’re just at the beginning!

For me, this year is bound to be packed with big surprises, as I’ll be spending the next 6 months preparing for the rest of my life, along side my best friend and Love. Our families, who have been putting up with us for forever, will now have another human being to love, care and spoil, and that will also be one more thing to look into. And Akira, who’ll also have a very fun and different year, I bet.

So, 2015, I’m ready to embark on this journey!

And now here are some pics of these last few days.












I wish you all the very best in this next year, have fun!