Welcome to Oporto.

Finally a break. I hadn’t realised how much I needed one until I was in it. It’s nice to finally relax and unwind for a while, and for me, these will be the last days I’ll have off without a daughter. After the break I’ll be in school for the next month and a half and then that’s it. The thought still seems a bit daunting to me, but extremely exciting nonetheless.

Because I’m in my last trimester (which in birth terms means, pretty much, anytime now) we travelled by car to Oporto. A calm relaxed trip, where we’ve been doing nothing but eat, stroll around (slowly) with Akira and sleep.

I had never been in Oporto for so long and it’s been nice to see the colorful side of the city, and actually see each little street.


So far we have visited Cantinho do Avillez, Miss’Opo, Casa de Pasto da Palmeira and Café Santiago for the best Francesinha in the world.


Hope you liked it!

Have fun!