Day 10/365

It’s been good to be back home. We had to shop for groceries – we rarely leave the house for groceries’ shopping anymore, we order online and they bring it over, which is awesome! – and then we had to shop for one of those travel boxes that you put on top of your car (I’m sure they have a name, I just don’t know what it is). Let’s hope the space inside the car increases a little bit from now on. 

We then napped while the baby napped – it felt soooo good! And after a nice dinner and the usual “let’s go to sleep” routine for the baby, we watched Superbad. 

Day 10/365 – I completely forgot to take a picture during the day. I totally suck at taking pictures at night. It’s usually the 365days’ demise during the winter… It’s terrible. 

Hope to see you tomorrow!